Pandemic Relief Funds - A fund was created to assist our community during and after the pandemic. Over $20,000 was raised and contributed to the community since 2020.

Back Pack Supplies

August 2020: We are pleased to present Ben Franklin and the Nevada Schools’ Back Pack Supply Program a check for $2,000.

Through the generosity of our community, the Pandemic Relief Fund was established for needs just like this! And today these two ladies get to shop for our kids locally.

You may not be able to see our smiles, but they are there, and we are proud to support local to purchase these much-needed school supplies! 

Student Assistance Fund

January 2022: Early on during the pandemic, our incredible community rallied together to raise funds for our Pandemic Relief fund. Families across our community will and have been faced with financial hardships.

This week we presented the Nevada Community School District with $10,000 to help replenish their Student Assistance Fund. 

Nevada Food at First

February 2022: Nevada Food at First have been offering free meals on Monday and Thursday evenings since 2009. The rapid growth of this community meal program since the onset of the pandemic in March of 2020 has been met by committed volunteers and sustained widespread generosity.

In addition to carry-out meals, volunteers responded to the pandemic by delivering meals during this time. The number of meals served increased from pre-pandemic average of 35 meals/night in 2019 to an average of 91 meals/night in 2020. Meals continued to increase in 2021 to an average of 166 meals/night.

During the pandemic, funds were received from our community at The Nevada Foundation for Pandemic Relief efforts. Last night, we were able to provide Nevada Food at First with a $6,800 donation to help with the meal distribution supplies for the organization.

For more information on Nevada Food at First, you can call 515-382-6536. 

Runners United Donation

April 2021: Back in April, we hosted a second running of the Nevada Nice Virtual 5k to benefit The Nevada Foundation’s Pandemic Relief Fund. Last week, RUN board members Amy Rosenberg, Dane Nealson, and Angie Tscherter presented a check for $1,153.40 to Dr. Steve Gray, representing The Nevada Foundation. Another great event that pumped significant funds to a need in the community. 

Runners United Donation 

November 2023: The RUN board presented the Nevada Foundation with $3,631.00 from their event, Pizza Pie Looza 5K that was held in May of this year. Another fantastic run event that allowed them to provide funds towards the Nevada Fieldhouse project!